3rd Quarter 2017 examples of CRE closings

We are a Direct Commercial Lender.  We have funded recent files in 3rd Qtr 2017 such as:  

-4.25%, 30 year am., $12.5 M, 75% ltv on a hotel C/o refi. in NC

-60% LTV on multiple properties (Comm'l & Res'l) in NY for a $8.75M loan at 7.5% (25 year am)

-8.99% Commercial/Residential Bridge loan mix of Real Estate collateral b/w NY & FL for a $11M loan fixed for 2 years (with partial releases) until we will facilitate their Bank refinance at a price point below 5% (long term fixed)

2nd Quarter 2017 examples of CRE & Bridge Residential closings

-$55M Debt piece on NYC property @ 3.75%, 25 year am., 

-$62.5M Development CTP in West Chester County, NY phase 1 closed

-$11M Residential Bridge Loan closed in Westhampton, NY @ 9.5% 1 year fixed, with take out financing set up at 3.25% 7 year fixed rate

-$48M Debt Piece against multiple properties in NYC & NY state @ 4.95% 25 year am (credit issues were present )

1st Quarter 2017 examples of CRE closings

-$28M 80% LTV Commercial loan @ 4.25% 15 year fixed, 30 year am. in NYC 

-$14.5M 75% LTV Commercial loan @ 4.625% 15 year fixed 30 year am. in NY (borrower had some credit issues )

-$7.5M loan @ 7.5% with multiple pieces of disparate Residential & Commercial real estate collateral in FL up to 70% CLTV of all properties (borrower has credit issues)

-$68M Development/CTP in NY State @ 4.5%, 30 year am